Deep Purple with Ian Gillan playing acoustic guitar

From Brian Currin, Music Fan

Deep Purple on US radio show Rockline (WROQ 101) on 3rd May 2000 (not 2001 as shown on the video), doing a cover of Lazy Lester’s ‘You’re Gonna Ruin Me Baby’ with Ian Gillan playing acoustic guitar.

Lazy Lester’s original recording from 1963.

For Group With Orchestra (via darker than blue)

For Group With Orchestra With their usual lack of proper PR, the Deep Purple Orchestral Tour has sort of just emerged without any real attempt to big it up in the press at all, which seems a shame. It now looks as if most of the shows during 2011 will take this format, building on Ian Gillan’s occasional shows fronting an orchestra during 2009/10. That there is confusion is clear from the enquiries we had from North America asking if the band were doing The Concerto. We … Read More

via darker than blue