Deep Purple Set List 1st June 2010

Taped intro: Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet

  1. Highway Star
  2. Things I Never Said
  3. Strange Kind Of Woman
  4. Maybe I’m a Leo
  5. Rapture Of The Deep
  6. Fireball (including Into The Fire riff at end)
  7. Contact Lost
  8. Guitar Solo
  9. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
  10. The Well Dressed Guitar
  11. Mary Long
  12. Lazy
  13. No One Came
  14. Keyboard Solo (including excerpt from Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika)
  15. Perfect Strangers
  16. Space Truckin’
  17. Smoke On The Water
  18. Going Down (instrumental) into…
  19. Hush
  20. Bass Solo
  21. Black Night

5 thoughts on “Deep Purple Set List 1st June 2010

  1. Taped opening classical piece was Prokofiev’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ I seem to remember. Emerson, Lake and Palmer recorded this on their ‘Black Moon’ album.

  2. Don Airey also played a snatch of Boeremusiek at each of the 3 concerts before the national anthem, which also drew roars of recognition & approval. In Jhb & Cpt they played a bit of “Going Down” before Paicey led them into “Hush”. In Dbn it was the Booker T & MG’s “Green Onions” (if I’m not mistaken).

  3. I just do NOT believe that they will not play CHILD IN TIME tomorrow in Portugal!
    I would pay a ticket just for that song!

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