6 thoughts on “Uriah Heep at the Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg, 28 May 2010

  1. nice gig, guys : good sound & very together. Just sorry you didn’t do ‘Wizard’. Your love for your music came over well Enjoyed it much more than your last trip – but then the venue was better !!

  2. Loved it, it was a fantastic performance. Look forward to a pure 3 hour UH concert in the not-too-distant future. Please, please.

    And please teach the sound guy from Deep Purple how to get the sound levels right. He hadn’t a clue…

  3. Great gig, guys. Old, but not cold. Yes guys… that Dome’s roof is a bit higher after you lot were there. You’ve come from some time before my birth, but you still rock. Loved all the songs, but my favorites are still Free me, Lady in Black and Easy Living!!!

  4. So many memories came back tome during the performance – I literally let my hair down and went wild……… what an amazing performance by Uriah Heep, I’ll carry this evening with me forever!!!!

  5. Best show I’ve ever seen! Please come again soon and give us an extra two hours. Have followed you guys ever since I was 12 years old, and have every single album you guys have ever made, from Very ‘Eavy Very ‘Umble nright througth to Wake The Sleeper. Thank you guys for playing and for proving the critics wrong!

  6. Outstanding show–UH and audience united in ecstatic, electrified appreciation and rapport. No wonder. We were seeing the best of the very best Rock has to offer, ever. I have been a fan of yours since the 70s, but must admit I bought the tickets to see Deep Purple.

    What a wash out and a disappointment that show was. Ian Gillan screamed at the audience and it may as well have been a Steve Morse show with a token appearance of DP. Anyway, I didn’t hear anything that sounded like the band I have followed for over 30 years. Don Airey was incredible, though. Best I’ve seen and hope to see again.

    Uriah Heep you are legends. Please, please come to South Africa again and for a much longer show. We’ll be there.

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