4 thoughts on “Deep Purple, Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg, 28th May 2010

  1. hi

    we saw someone fall off the upper bank of seats onto the concrete below, on the friday 28th may concert. were they hurt, died or what?. are they ok?

  2. Hi Phil

    Thanks for your concern. We know the person who fell. She is is in critical condition in ICU at the moment. Please get in touch with me as we are trying to ascertain exactly what happened.



  3. “Wrong Man” off the “Rapture of the Deep” album was not performed at any of the 3 concerts in SA … it was “Perfect Strangers” out of Don Airey’s keyboard solo section.

  4. Deep Purple has been my very favourite band since the 70s. Even my teenage children are fans. We went to the show with great expectations.

    What a disappointment. Ian Gillan, screamed at the audience. His wonderful and distinctive voice was not heard once . And it may as well have been a high-pitched Steve Morse (talented though he is) show, with a token appearance of DP. I didn’t hear anything of the band I have followed for over 30 years.

    Don Airey was amazing, though. The best I have ever seen. He made up for the rest. I would go to see him solo anyday.

    Uriah Heep replaces them now, for me.

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